T..E..a..C..H.. What's it spell?!?! Best profession ever!!

2016 Illinois Teacher of the Year

 This is my 5x4+6 year of teaching!!  

The best pep rally occurs in the classroom!


Be the best Fraction of Kid's Day!!!


Kim Thomas is the the 1000 x 2 + 4^2 Illinois Teacher of the Year.  She is an inductee to the Illinois State University College of Education Hall of Fame.  She received the Friend of Special Education Award, Creative Teacher of the Year, and she joins 2% of the nations' teachers as a multiple year honoree in the Who's Who Among America's Teachers.


Mathivational Moments

Kim is a mathivational speaker!!  Kim's heartfelt + humorous stories of her > 10 x 2 + 5 years of teaching experience multiply her audiences passion for education!!  Kim speaks around the nation having people discover how they can be the length, width, and height in someone's life!!  Kim is the author of Mathivate.  Her mathlicious activities and projects will ensure math class is the best fraction of everyone's day!!! Purchase book at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1976104041

I am a teaCHEER!!!

Kim has dedicated her teaching career to ensure kids are loved and have fun learning!! Her belief in the transformative power of education permeates everything she does in her classroom.  Kim has proven over and over again that every student can learn.  She cheers them on every day!!!  Her mathliciousness sweeps up even the most resistant student.  Kim currently teaches at the Peoria County Alternative School for kids who have been expelled.


Kim's Programs


 Kim will give your staff the pep rally they deserve!!!  She will multiply your audiences' passion!!!    

K…I…D…S…What’s it spell? Best people EVER!! What I love most about my classroom are the kids I get to share it with!!! All kids deserve someone who will infinitely cheer for them!! Whether you are inside the classroom or out, kids are our greatest common factor. We are teaCHEERs as we cheer for others while helping them grow. There are a variety of meanings for the extra “E” that makes us who we are as educators. Let’s give our kids the energy we would give our favorite team!! The best pep rally occurs in the classroom!!! When we live it up, laugh every day, and love them always, kids will reach new heights!!!  Be a trendsetter, and create your own history!! Keeping up with the trends generates teachable moments, as well as, creating your own!!!!!! Mathlicious is something I created to rotate the negative parabolas on my kids’ faces into positive ones. Any classroom or content can be “licious!” Add to your passion. Subtract the I can’t. Multiply by I can. Divide by the love we have for kids and the teaching profession. This will equal an educational celebration!!!!

I am a teaCHEER!!

Kim's teaCHEER workshop motivates all educators in using their extra "E" to support their students and colleagues!!  She begins with being the EXECUTIVE of the classroom and how to make it kidlicious!!  Some of the others include...EMPOWER, EMBRACE, EMPATHY, ENTERTAIN, ENERGIZE, EQUITY, and EXALT!!  Educators will leave ready to SHOUT OUT instead of burnt out!!

Mathivate…be the best fraction of a kid’s day!!

M..A..T..H.. What does it spell? Best subject ever!!  Educators will exit this celemathbration with mathtastic learning experiences to implement in their classroom. Be ready to have an amathazing + engaging time going through Kim's book of mathlicious projects, activities, and games!!  All activities can be adapted to any grade level!!  Many of her mathlicious ideas are personalized for kids!! Mathabulous ideas like Math Muscles, Fraction of Your Brain, MathO’Lanterns, Fracordiddles, MEflection SymMEtry, and Equationanza will put a positive parabola on everyone's face!! 

Contact Me

Kim Thomas

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Me, Myself, Math text (pdf)


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